Lostwinds mobile

At last, LostWinds is available on iOS! I didn’t work on chapter one but some very good friends of mine did. It’s a great, wistful, gentle little game made of 24 carat love. Working on the sequel was the most satisfying project of my professional life so far – so hopefully they’ll port that over as well if this one does well. The original LostWinds games on Nintendo Wii showed how brilliant a game could be when there was no outside publisher, no franchise and no film tie-in to distract the designers, artists and programmers at Frontier Developments. Sadly they also showed how sometimes even the highest rated, most loved games can be the least commercially successful when the platform isn’t marketed or constructed properly*. Purely anecdotally, even some very nerdy friends of mine gave up trying to buy it on the horrifically clunky WiiWare which was the only way of buying it up until now. The less geeky Wii owners weren’t even aware that you could download games onto the device. The release of these games on iOS will hopefully set the record straight and give the game the success it always deserved! It’s only £2.50 this time as well. Bargain!




Kinectimals Mobile

Frontier's Kinectimals

Kinectimals has been around on Windows phones for a while but now it’s also available for iPhone and iPad. I worked on the original Kinectimals for Xbox 360 so there will be, at the very least, remnants and echos of my work in this mobile version. It looks like great fun and you can even make it look like your cub is in your house!

Download Kinectimals in the iTunes App Store.

Hopefully it won’t make you cry like this little girl