Insanity Max!

This is a little acting test I’ve been working on recently. The voices are taken from the film Pi by Darren Aronofsky. It was animated in Maya 2012 using the the brilliant ‘Morpheus’ rig by Josh Burton. The Morpheus rig is probably the best and most customisable free character rig in the world. I can’t praise it highly enough. Many thanks also to my good friends Felix Ilsley, Nick Rodgers, Yeray Diaz Diaz and Jim Bending for their feedback as I was animating this. If you like this sort of thing then go and have a look at the 11 Second Club where they do acting tests to film dialogue all the time. I didn’t use the 11 Second Club myself because I didn’t want to compete or do the same dialogue as 100 other people… So cowardice basically… Hope you enjoy it!