They Both Explode now on Vimeo

A year and many festival screenings after its premier at Animated Exeter, my short film They Both Explode is now available for all to see on Vimeo. To see it in lovely HD, click here

The film was made mostly out of card and found objects and shot using a primitive multiplane system made from a desk, some picture-frames and an old pillow case. I used Dragon software and a second hand Lumix FZ50 camera. It was all done ‘in camera’ so there is no compositing or anything; what you see is what the camera saw, lying on the floor, looking up through panes of glass with lights shining down on it.


They Both Explode TRAILER

I have finally started submitting my short silhouette film to festivals. Here is the trailer:

[NB Until my Vimeo upload limit resets you can see an HD (720p) version of the trailer by clicking here]

Hopefully some people will agree to show all 2 minutes and 40 seconds of it somewhere near you in the coming year. If you are curating an event at which you might like to show the film then please let me know at matthew[at]mattstep[dot]co[dot]uk and we can sort out viewing/screening copies.