Double Release Day! Zoo Tycoon and Tearaway

Feeling a little sleepy today after celebrating the release of two very different games that I had a hand in.

For a wee while now I’ve been busily working on Zoo Tycoon for the Xbox One at Frontier Developments. Yesterday, on Xbox One launch day, it was released! Animating animals running around, getting washed, eating, playing and hugging has been both educational and joyful. A few bits and pieces have made their way onto my latest showreel. Trawling the internet for videos of animals then watching them over and over again isn’t something most people get to do as a legitimate part of their working day. As you might imagine those searches did also inevitably bring some discomforting and downright horrifying results as well. Not all real life zoo tycoons are quite as respectful of their animals as you are compelled to be in the virtual zoos of the game.

On a happier note, the reviews so far have been very complimentary about the way the animals look and move *applauds chums*. The finished game certainly surpassed my expectations considering the gargantuan nature of the task. Everyone involved can be very proud of their achievements. Here’s a video of some of my colleagues talking about the game and gurning at a chimp:

Last year I spent a little time at inspirational game developer Media Molecule (more about that experience¬†here) and the game I worked on, Tearaway, was also released yesterday. The reviews have been pouring in and they are pretty much universally gushing. Media Molecule have created a game which uses the Playstation Vita to create a unique and carefully directed gameplay experience that would be impossible on any other platform. The whole tactile concept of the game arose from the device it was developed for and the new storytelling and game mechanics it creates. That said, if you gave Media Molecule a deck of cards they’d probably come up with a uniquely entertaining way of using them. Here are some of them talking about Tearaway: