Digby Dragon

I had a brilliant time last year animating on the second series of Digby Dragon. It was so good to work on a show with such a clear and beautiful aesthetic. The characters are well written and brilliantly performed and so have a level of authenticity and emotional subtext that’s rare in cartoons for young children and an absolute gift for an animator.

Here are a selection of the shots I animated (it’s too long really, but it was hard to choose favourites)


I was just updating my showreel and sorting through old work when I got lost in the (seemingly endless) footage I animated for Miffy’s Adventures Big and Small a little while ago. It was such a pleasure to animate Dick Bruna’s cute little bunny at Blue Zoo. It’s a deceptively simple design that demands a great deal of care and subtlety to animate. The whole team really pushed the quality throughout the production (while also being impossibly lovely, much like Miffy herself). My favourite bits were usually the small gestures and slow, adorable sections of dialogue which aren’t necessarily the most obvious things to include on a showreel, especially when animating a character with such a limited set of facial features. Nevertheless, here are some of the bits I animated. Hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed animating them!

Mac & Izzy

For a few months earlier this year I worked on a series called Mac & Izzy at Blue Zoo Animation. It was excellent fun to work on. The action centres around the secret lives of two imaginary friends who live in a place called Cloudville. We adopted a very squashy, stretchy animation style which made it really refreshing to animate for. Here are some of the shots I animated for the show:

You can watch all 7 episodes in full on Youtube

Tree Fu Go!


For the last 10 months I’ve been busily beavering away as part of an amazing team of splendid folk at Blue Zoo Animation working on series 5 & 6 of kid’s TV series Tree Fu Tom. Series 5 is currently being aired on the CBeebies channel and the first episode I worked on was shown today and can be seen on the BBC iPlayer in the UK. Here are a couple of gifs of shots I animated from episode 4 “It’s a Kind of Magic”:




Life Drawing 2013 & 2014

This is how I spent most of my previous 100 Thursday evenings

They Both Explode now on Vimeo

A year and many festival screenings after its premier at Animated Exeter, my short film They Both Explode is now available for all to see on Vimeo. To see it in lovely HD, click here

The film was made mostly out of card and found objects and shot using a primitive multiplane system made from a desk, some picture-frames and an old pillow case. I used Dragon software and a second hand Lumix FZ50 camera. It was all done ‘in camera’ so there is no compositing or anything; what you see is what the camera saw, lying on the floor, looking up through panes of glass with lights shining down on it.